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2017 SDY Tournament Form Registration Forms pdf
Registration form for the 2017 SDY Open Martial Arts Championship.
USKF HOF Nomination Form Registration Forms pdf
Nomination form for the 2017 USKF Hall of Fame and Excellence Awards.
USKF Membership Application Registration Forms pdf
Registration form for our certifying body, the United States Kido Federation. All students 6th Gup and above are required to register.
Student Handbook Informative Documents pdf
SDY Student Handbook.
Last updated: September, 2013
How to Tie Your Belt Informative Documents pdf
This document describes how to tie your belt with text. For the video, see the Student Materials section of this website.
Chang Hon Patterns Informative Documents pdf
This document describes with text how to perform every pattern (including both Ko-Dang and Juche). For videos, see the ITFtuls channel on Youtube; remember, videos are meant to be used as reference guides, not definitive source materials.
Board Holder Schematics Informative Documents pdf
This schematic describes how to assemble your own board holder. At SDY we use 1" x "12' pine cut every 10". Some schools may use 1" x 12" pine cut every 12" - this schematic should be able to hold both sizes without modification.

**Remember, board breaking should only be performed under the supervision of a professional. Be sure you discuss board breaking with your instructor before attempting any breaks on your own.**
Practice Log Testing Requirements pdf
Practice logs are required for our younger students. A parent/guardian and an instructor must each sign it every week. You must practice five hours every week, which includes class time and studying your paperwork.
Last updated: September 10, 2014
Rank Requirements Testing Requirements pdf
This document describes which techniques, memorization materials, and areas of knowledge students will be responsible for at each rank level.
Teacher Evaluation Testing Requirements pdf
Teacher evaluations are required prior to testing for students who have not yet graduated high school.