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    Two Tournaments

    Posted: September 21, '2014 There are two tournaments SDY will be attending in the next couple of weeks. These will both be day trips, no overnight travel required. We will carpool as a group, and all SDY students are welcome…read more
  • HEPD

    Me + HEPD

    Posted: September 19, '2014 Two of SDY's instructors have been featured in a Hoffman Estates Park District video as part of a series entitled Me + HEPD. Be sure to take a look and share this video! Elizabeth and…read more
  • Scarecrow

    Scarecrow Demo

    Posted: September 13, '2014 SDY will be holding a public demonstration at Scarecrow Festival, hosted by the Hoffman Estates Park District. The festival will be held on Saturday, September 20th from noon to 3:00 PM at Vogelei Park,…read more
  • Results

    New Session

    Posted: September 10, '2014 Welcome to the fall session at SDY TaeKwon-Do! We have been fortunate to see many new and returning faces this session, and we're not even through the first week! If you haven't registered yet, have…read more
  • TEST

    Testing Schedule

    Posted: August 16, '2014 It's testing time again! We can't emphasize enough that all students will not test every session, particularly as you reach the intermediate Gup ranks. Everyone will advance at their own pace, and that…read more
  • SDY Night

    SDY Night

    Posted: August 13, '2014 SDY Night this session will be held on Thursday, August 14th. If you haven't been to an SDY Night yet, make this the one you start with! On SDY Night, we try to have all SDY students training simultaneously…read more
  • GMH

    Pressure Point Seminar

    Posted: August 6, '2014 On Sunday, August 10th, Grandmaster Jeff Helaney will be at SDY teaching the next installment of the SDY Seminar Series. This time, the topic is Eastern Philosophy & Pressure Points. There are over…read more
  • Demo

    SDY Demo on Saturday, Aug 2nd

    Posted: July 30, '2014 On Saturday, August 2nd, SDY will be holding a public demonstration at Party in the Park, presented by the Hoffman Estates Park District. We will have a booth throughout the day where you…read more
  • Trophy

    SDY Tournament

    Posted: July 6, '2014 SDY is always busy during the summer session and this year is no different! Students are encouraged to attend as many events as they can including tournaments, seminars, demonstrations, and family outings.…read more
  • Class

    Welcome Back!

    Posted: April 6, '2014 SDY was happy to welcome back students from a one week break as well as welcom several new students to both the beginner class and the adult class. Many of our students tested in March for their next…read more