Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I required to practice outside of class?

Students are strongly encouraged to practice outside of class. If one of your goals is to achieve rank in our system outside practice is required.

Can I watch/try before signing up?

Yes, individuals are welcome to watch a class or even participate in one prior to signing up. If you would like to try a class please contact us first to be sure the night you would like to attend would be a good class to sample.

Do I have to sign a contract?

S.D.Y. does not have contracts. Students sign up one session (3 months) at a time.

Do you compete?

Every year we host a large open tournament as well as a smaller invitational tournament, our students are encouraged to compete in both. A group of instructors and students will travel to tournaments hosted by other schools located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, and others if the opportunity arises.

Do you do events outside of class?

We participate in several tournaments, seminars, and demonstrations outside of class. These events are not required, but students are encouraged to attend. We also have fun family outings such as holiday parties, picnics, baseball games, and more!

Do you have merchandise?

Uniforms, sparring equipment, mouth guards, bags, shirts, and car decals may be purchased through S.D.Y.

How can I join?

To sign up for a session, visit the Hoffman Estates Park District website at or visit any Hoffman Estates Park District location.

How is this different from MMA?

We practice light contact sparring with padding to prevent injury. Protective equipment used in our class is; head gear, gloves, groin protector, shin guards, and foot protectors. The rules we spar with also limit the areas in which an individual may be hit. Targets in sparing are from the belt up, seam to seam, and the head gear.

How long does it take to earn a black belt?

The student can progress from one rank to another every three to six months depending on their particular training schedule. For adult students, the average time it takes to achieve a probationary black belt is 4 years. For the junior student (under 14 years of age) it will take a minimum of 6 years.

How much does class cost?

Cost varies based on how many classes a week a student attends. For Hoffman Estates residents, children's classes begin at $90 and adult classes begin at $110 for a 3 month session. There are price breaks for multiple classes a week.

I/my child already have rank from another school; do I have to start over?

This is evaluated on an individual basis, but we encourage you to address this with an instructor.

What are the instructor's credentials?

Our instructors are certified through the United States Kido Federation and are CPR certified as well.

When are students allowed to begin sparring?

Children may begin sparring when they earn a rank of yellow belt and when the instructor has identified them as having the necessary skills to begin sparring. Due to the rank requirement of a yellow belt children typically aren't able to begin sparring until one year of training is completed. Exceptions may be made, but this is dependent on the child's age and ability to utilize techniques, self control, and participate in a safe manner. Adults are able to begin sparring in the first session.

When/where are classes?

Our class meets every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at Willow Recreation Center in Hoffman Estates, IL. Youths meet from 6:45-7:45PM and the adult class meets from 7:45-9:30PM.