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Welcome Back!

Students bow into class before warming up

SDY was happy to welcome back students from a one week break as well as welcom several new students to both the beginner class and the adult class. Many of our students tested in March for their next rank. In order to test students had practice regularly throughout the session at home and in class, practice the tenants of TaeKwon-Do, pass a written test, and receive approval from an instructor after completing an interview. SDY has never handed out ranks, all of our students work hard to earn the rank they wear. Congratulations to all of our students who tested this past March, and earned their next rank!

This week students should

  • Update your binders
  • Review the student hand book
  • Record your time spent practicing on a current practice log
  • Set goals for the current session (example: Test for next rank, fix intermediate positions, practice 5 hours a week, etc.)
  • Break down your goals and make a plan on how to achieve them
  • Review comments from last test to identify areas you can improve on

Up Coming EventsApril's events are listed below, for more information check the calendar or ask an instructor in class.

  • April 12- Tournament
  • April 25- Kido Federation Seminar
  • April 26- Kido Federation Tournament, Black Belt HOF

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen"-Muhammad Ali