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SDY Tournament


SDY is always busy during the summer session and this year is no different! Students are encouraged to attend as many events as they can including tournaments, seminars, demonstrations, and family outings. Although, if you can only make one event, SDY is hosting a tournament on August 9 at Willow Rec Center which would be a great and convenient event for students. If a student does not feel comfortable competing in tournaments yet they may attend as a spectator or even volunteer. Volunteers will be needed to keep time, record scores, run trophies, set up, and clean up.

Students are encouraged to compete if they have at least one session of training completed. Also, students should compete in as many events as they are eligible for. The goal of tournaments is for students to learn something new, meet someone new, and to have fun. The best way to meet those goals and maximize your experience is to compete as much as you are able to. The events at this year's tournament are traditional patterns, creative patterns, team patterns, weapons, point sparring, continuous sparring, board breaking, and self-defense. If students are interested in competing in team patterns, creative patterns, or self-defense routines planning and practice should start now.

Please pre-register and good luck to all competitors!