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SDY Demo on Saturday, Aug 2nd

Dive rolls at the Scarecrow Fest demonstration last October.

On Saturday, August 2nd, SDY will be holding a public demonstration at Party in the Park, presented by the Hoffman Estates Park District. We will have a booth throughout the day where you can stop by and say hello, and we will be on stage around 5:00 PM.

For those of you who are not yet a part of SDY, this is a great opportunity to meet the group and see what we're all about, and we'd like to say hi too! We will have class information for children and adults of all levels of experience.

For current SDY students, we need everyone's help to make this a successful event! Students are not obligated to run the booth; you can join in the festivities after our stage time is complete. Expect to participate in some or all of the following: patterns, sparring, rendori, a self-defense routine, dive rolls, flying kicks, and copious amount of board breaking!

Party in the Park will be held at Highpoint Park in Hoffman Estates. Admission is free. This is a family friendly event with live music, games, food, and contests, open from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This year we will be celebrating the Hoffman Estates Park District's 50th anniversary, so come join the fun! For more information, please call 847-885-7500.