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  • Integrity

    Posted: February 15, '2014 Integrity is a tenant of TaeKwon-Do student's should live by not just in the Do Jang. Students should be able to discriminate between right and wrong and to make the right choices. If a student does…read more
  • Beginner Class

    Be Prepared

    Posted: February 2, '2014 Mr. Frymire returned this week and kept students active both mentally and physically¬† working hard to improve.The black belt class ran as usual on Sunday while class was canceled on Monday due to the…read more
  • Advanced Class


    Posted: January 25, '2014 Mr. Frymire was missed this past week in class, but he will return on Sunday for the black belt class. Mr. Rossiaky and Ms. Rossiaky ran classes while Mr. Frymire was away and did a great job working…read more
  • Kicks


    Posted: January 18, '2014 With the improvement in weather conditions, classes were much larger this week. Rank promotions continued to be distributed and several new students joined the class. The first newsletter of the year…read more
  • Rolls

    Cold Weather Warm Gym

    Posted: January 11, '2014 Despite the cold, dedicated students worked hard this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights keeping the gym warm. Unfortunately the first black belt class of the year was canceled, but class…read more
  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!

    Posted: January 4, '2014 The new session starts this week, and we are very excited to meet new students and to welcome back returning students! Although we are starting a new session students should always be striving for their…read more
  • Student of the Year

    2013 S.D.Y. Student of the Year

    Posted: December 26, '2013 Every year SDY awards a student of the year based on a pre-determined point system. Points are earned by attending class, demos, seminars, tournaments, answering quiz questions, high test scores, and…read more
  • Year in Review

    Year in Review

    Posted: December 26, '2013 As another year at SDY comes to a close, let's take a moment to reflect on all we've accomplished as a martial arts family in 2013. During the course of the year, SDY students earned 85 Gup level…read more